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Mode and Mode 9, ‘Advertise with Us’ is a material exploration of the concept and politics of ‘advertising; in the form of an issue made up entirely of ads by small press, critical fashion titles past and present. Turing our pages over to the work of the publishers that inspire us, this issue features advertising from A Magazine Reader, A March Issue, Address, All Season Fashion Paper, American Manufacturing, Archivings, Archivist Addendum, BILL, Bog, Booklook, Cupboard, Deep Fashion Bulletin, Dune, F de C Reader, Fantastic Toiles, Fashion Projects, here and there, HIGH(er), Monument, Nice Outfit, Odious Rot, Our Rags, Pants, Paratextile, Press & Fold, Purple Prose, Red3licte, Rock & Rose, Suave, Susan Cianciolo, Viscose, Wallet, Wear, and Xeroxed.

May 2024
English, Softcover, 74 pages
27.5cm x 19cm
Edition of 250
$35 AUD

Delivery or local pick up in Melbourne available