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Mode and Mode two ‘a publication in a publication’ features the Berlin/Paris-based fashion design practice of BLESS, Ines Kaag and Desiree Heiss, and their ongoing ‘lookbook collaborations’ project.

The issue also features image contributions from Harriet Barrile, Ricarda Bigolin, Michael Bojkowski, Felix Burrichter, Tim Coster, Friedrich-Wilhelm Graf, Brad Haylock, Jared Leon and Johanna Heldebro, Thalea Michos-Vellis, Sophie Mörner, Alisa Närvänen, Virginia Overell, Manuel Raedar, Jerome Rigaud, Jason Schlabach and Annie Wu.

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October 2016
English, Softcover, 62 pages
18 × 26.5 cm
Edition of 150
$15 AUD